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Lucasi Pool Cues

Lucasi Pool Cues – Hands Down Best Value for your Money

History of Lucasi Pool Cues

Lucasi Founder Jim Lucas created the Lucasi line of pool cues over 20 years ago. He wanted a line of cues affordable enough for the amateur player without sacrificing quality, progressive features, or playability. A Lucasi cue is a worthwhile investment that can last for generations.

Exclusive Lucasi Pool Cue Features

  • Manufactured in a world renowned facility using the latest laser technology to precision cut pieces.
  • Specially sourced premium woods are seasoned for a full two years in a moisture controlled environment, a process that has been perfected over two decades.
  • Patented wood stabilizer coating which prevents warping and splitting, protecting your investment for decades.
  • Solid rock-hard North American Maple core.
  • Premium wraps include fine Irish linen, stacked leather, or the extended G5 sport grip technology to suit your style and preference.
  • Premium tips include Tiger Everest layered leather or Kamui pig skin.
  • Coated in a high-gloss UV finish that protect the cues exquisite beauty keeping it pretty through years of play.

Where are Lucasi cue’s made?

Lucasi sticks are made in Taicang, the same factory used by top brands such as Predator, Universal, and Poison. This cue stick factory was designed and upholds some of the most rigorous quality control standards in the world. With lower production costs while still maintaining premium materials, craftsmanship, and quality control, Lucasi is able to offer a pool cue with the highest value to dollar ratio. Lucasi custom truly gives you the most bang for your buck. 

Maximum Value for you Money

Lucasi offers a wide range of custom and hybrid cues to suit your personal preference of weight, length, grip, or tip. Whether you are just getting started or playing at a professional level, Lucasi has a cue that will not only feel right, but with proper care last for decades.

Excellent Resale Value and a Lifetime Warranty

Because Lucasi cues are trusted among players, the resale value remains high. Lucasi players confirm with a nice case and proper maintenance that their stick still hits the ball straight over a decade later.  To prove it, Lucasi backs up their promise with a lifetime warranty against warping and splitting. This shows the company’ immense trust in its quality control process.

What is the difference between a Lucasi Custom Line and Lucasi Hybrid?

Both lines feature high quality cues with technology advantages but there are a few differences. Below we have listed the key features of each line.

Lucasi Custom Cue Features

Lucas Custom was the first Lucasi line by Jim Lucas and offers a wide variety of style options. Cues stretching from the very traditional four-prong wrapless cue to modern and sleek with stacked leather grip, or fancy with exotic woods and flashy wraps, and finally pretty with elaborate inlays. Whatever your desire, Lucasi Custom has a cue for that.

  • Precise fit quick-release Uni-loc®joint for exact shaft alignment and a dead-on hit
  • Laser cut inlays with intricate, precision cuts for a tight, gapless fit
  • Zero Flex Slim®Solid Core Low Deflection Technology Shaft for ultimate shot control even when applying extreme English
  • Variety of premium traditional or exotic woods
  • Grip options include Wrap-less, Double pressed Irish Linen, or Stacked Leather
  • 75mm Tiger Everest laminated tip - shapes like a hard tip with the control of a soft
  • High technology ferrule for precise accuracy and positive feedback
  • Professional taper designed and loved by five time World Champion Thorsten Hohmann


Lucasi Hybrid Technology

Lucasi Hybrid cues are bursting with innovative technology. The hybrid takes the exclusive features of a Lucasi custom and adds an extended sporty rubber grip, X-shox dampening system, and Total Sweet Spot Construction (TSC) that lengthens the perfect hit through the entire shaft for ultimate shot control and forgiveness.

Just like the Lucasi Custom cues, Hybrid cues are built to last and feature a variety of style options - from sleek and simple with beautiful woods and traditional styling, to sophisticated inlays or even edgy details like metal inlays and stacked leather wraps.


Lucasi Hybrid Technology Features

  • Cue Butt Construction - Unique four-piece cue butt construction increases durability and distributes weight to the butt which provides a straighter, more accurate power shot.
  • G5Grip Technology - G5 (golf-style) grip technology features a distinct T pattern golf-style rubber grip that provides secure traction allowing controlled English on the ball. The grippiest of all grips!
  • X-ShoxDampening System - The X-Shox Dampening System contains a patent-pending shockwave absorbing memory foam wrap reducing impact by 27% when matched against other cues on the market. This plus a Rubber butt ensure more power transfers to the break and less on the arm.
  • Total Sweet Spot Construction (TSC) - Total Sweet Spot system is a revolutionary 8 piece radial design that maximizes the sweet spot throughout the shaft
  • Go Zero For Dead-On Accuracy -The 12.75mm Zero Flexpoint® Hybrid shaft was engineered for the players who demand seamless execution. This slim shaft features impressively reduced mass versus a standard cue shaft without any of the ticking sound or hollow feedback that haunt other technology brands.
  • Go Even Slimmer For Greater Performance Power -Lucasi’s engineers along with pool champion Thorsten Hohmann took the technology of the 12.75mm shaft and slimmed it to 11.75mm with a professional custom taper. This means the Zero Flex Slim® shaft has an even lighter front end for a true-to-aim shaft; just line up and fire, let the cue do the rest.
  • KamuiPro Tip - This tip is made from 10 layers of vacuum-sealed imported pigskin that has been cut to a uniform thickness, checked for hardness, and then laminated for a tip with deeply reduced deflection for ultimate control and reliability no matter where on the ball you hit.


Big Beulah 2 – Controlled Power Breaks

The Big Beulah 2 is Lucasi’s latest break cue designed with high speed in mind. Due to the engineered Hybrid 8 piece spliced (TSC) shaft constructed from Rock Hard moisture-controlled American Maple and hard phenolic tip, you’ll get a better spread with less spin. BB2 will impress with that anticipated, controlled break of a skilled player!

The Big Beulah 2 is built with Lucasi’s signature quality and packed with innovative technology for good play and reliable performance. New advanced features include G4 grip, X-shox dampening system, S4 for mega Sweet Spot, and Carbon Fiber Ferrule for a super strong high-impact shaft. 

BB2 Features:

  • G5 (golf-style) grip technology provides a secure traction grip, no hand slippage
  • Carbon Fiber Ferrule provides a sturdy, lightweight bonded cap to protect from tough powerful breaks
  • The X-Shox Dampening System contains a patent-pending shockwave absorbing memory foam wrap which cuts impact vibration by 27% when matched against other cues on the market. This, plus a Rubber butt, ensures more power transfers to the break and less in the arm.
  • S4 (Super-Sized Sweet Spot) technology is engineered with an extra-large tip made from the sturdy polymer Bakelite for an explosive spread with reduced spin. S4 keeps the cue ball centered.
  • Lifetime Warranty against warping and splits.


Lucasi Custom LZ2000SPG Pool Cue

The Sneaky Pete SPG by Lucasi is a cue for the serious player at an unbeatable price point. This Lucasi Custom cue comes standard with innovative tech features to up your game play including a zero flex point, solid core shaft that is guaranteed to cut defection, a quick release uni-loc joint, and a Tiger Everest Tip for a consistent controlled hit. A wrapless grip completes this cue which feels natural and comes in handy for slip shots.   

The Sneaky Pete pool cue looks beautiful with hand selected curly maple coated with a high-gloss UV finish. This cue features a four-point grey stained Curly Maple design with mother-of-pearl dot inlays and a Curly Maple forearm. Lucasi produces the top-selling queues on the market because of their premium hand selected woods, game-enhancing features, and unbeatable price point.

LZ2000SPG Cue Key Features:
  • Exclusive one turn Quick-release Uni-loc® joint System
  • Hybrid Line Zero Flexpoint® ferrule for a rock solid hit while reducing deflection 
  • Premium Tiger Everest tip holds shape like a hard tip but has the control of a soft tip
  • Wrap-less handle for a better feel, great for slip strokes
  • Four-piece cue butt construction for increased durability and straighter, more accurate shots


Lucasi Hybrid LHT88 – Mystic Black Thorsten Hohmann Edition

The Lucasi Hybrid LHT88 is a classy pool cue designed for Thorsten Hohmann featuring an upgraded Zero Flex Extra Slim 11.75mm low deflection shaft with a custom taper exclusively made for the Twice World Champion. The LHT88 is a technology powerhouse for the skilled player including a quick release Uni-loc joint, Black Fusion G5 traction grip, and the exclusive X-Shox dampening system allowing more transfer of power to the ball and less on the arm.  

The Lucasi Hybrid Thorsten 88 is elegantly sleek in glossy Mystic Black with an etched stainless steel butt cap. This revolutionary cue gives you a solid feel no matter the angle with the maximized TSC (total sweet spot) construction and the extreme grip of the G5 sport wrap.

Lucasi LHT88 Hybrid Options:

  • Zero Flex Slim Low Deflection Hybrid shaft Upgrade with 8-piece radial Total Sweet Spot (TSC) construction.
  • Kamui Pro Soft Tip for a big reduction in deflection, and big increase in control, and reliability. The pro tip is engineered with 10 layers of vacuum seal laminated pigskin leather giving you more feel and consistent response with every shot.
  • Fusion G5 Grip features a distinct T pattern golf-style grip that provides secure traction allowing controlled English on the ball.
  • X-Shox™ Dampening Technology puts memory foam inside the cue for an ultimate shock absorption system. The system dampens shock waves by over 27% better than other cues on the market, making it easier on the arm. You’ll get a controlled power shot!
  • 4-piece Cue Butt Construction for a solid hit, precise weight distribution, and toughness through muscle hits.
  • Quick-Release Uni-loc® Joint with Custom Acid Burn Collar

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